It’s been a while.

The reason? It started with MailChimp not sending out my newsletters. That was frustrating. Then this website won’t accept or upload photos which, frankly, are far more interesting and beautiful than anything I might write. And quicker to do. Unless the website won’t accept or upload photos. Then came the implementation of Carl’s and my over-a-year long planning with Ecological Designer Dave Jacke. I had intended to post pictures as things developed. Show the before and after shots. Wouldn’t that have been cool? Unfortunately, this website won’t accept or upload photos. And I don’t have the brain space to sit and deal with it. Ditto MailChimp.

Funny how hiccups around technology (a.k.a. MailChimp and websites) can completely dam up activities like blogging. And I’d put so much effort into selling my book last year. Covid aside, the All Cooped Up Book Tour’s reading from the Chicken Coop was kind of fun, and the articles written allowed for connections that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

All for naught? I think not! Because somewhere, simmering beneath the surface is a new idea, one that doesn’t have to do with the play I am working on but with chickens who, believe it or not, do not feature in that play. Because life is about balance and my last book was so much about chickens.

More when I can get back to pictures! Maybe sooner. But really. What is the world coming to if I can’t even show you the hundreds of photos of our grown up kittens, and eighteen chickens!