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Heather Cox Richardson

I have been reading Heather Cox Richardson these past months. As a historian, she has a great perspective on what goes on in the world these days. Check this one […]

Repeat of Energy 108: The Nuclear Option

Let’s say those people who believe we have a climate crisis on our hands agree to disagree with those who don’t. And that those who don’t agree—or don’t care—agree to […]

Repeat of Energy 106 & 107: A Dirty Little Secret

Ever hear of Liberty Utilities’ Granite Bridge pipeline project? It’s remarkably similar to all the other pipelines that have been proposed that web across the United States. It is promoted […]

Repeat of Energy 105: In Defense of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels helped to create this country.⁠1 Coal, gas and oil enabled mind-boggling growth and progress, and improved the quality of life, (if not always the health), of humans, (if […]

Repeat of Energy 104: Politics of Energy

Fossil fuels or renewables? Is energy access a right or a privilege? Is it a service or a commodity? Is the sourcing, development and distribution of energy a social justice […]

And now for something entirely different

If you are at a loss as to what to do today, reconnect with nature. Or find a cow to hug. Why better than tipping them over.

Repeat Energy 101: Introduction

Apparently, we are in trouble: Icebergs melting. Waters rising. Species dying. The last five years, the hottest ever recorded.⁠1  These are facts, not conspiracies, and I see the hand-wringing of […]

In Honor of Texas

I thought I’d republish some posts from two years ago. They were and are my attempt at a 101 primer on things energy. The power outages in Texas in February […]

Plastics Lawsuit

For years, Carl and I have attempted to create as little trash as possible. Zero waste? Really? We have found that composting waste, and recycling only go so far. There […]