Launch Day this Friday!

It’s awkward. This Friday my book At Crossroads with Chickens will be published and available to buy (as opposed to pre-ordering, both of which are best direct done through

or at your local bookstore because Amazon is backed up big time due to the Coronavirus, and way too big for its britches. Just sayin’). And it’s also–and far more importantly–Juneteenth. Freedom Day. How attempt to celebrate one, while recognizing the other?

Suggestions welcome!

As things stand now, I have posted a Facebook Live Meet & Greet from the Coop to jumpstart my All Cooped Up Book Tour: Free-ranging with the Girls.

Books will start getting mailed out Friday afternoon!

Reading “at” the Toadstool FaceBook Live page on June 27 at 2PM. I, of course, will be in the COOP!