We have Killdeer here. They remind me of the ocean with their calls, and of my childhood home in Michigan as I have an ever-so-vague memory of Dad telling me, “That’s a Killdeer.”

And now we have Killdeer here at Darwin’s View, and their call and stick leg run endears them to me.

We are having our fields limed and manured. The last day of sun for a while, and so it has to be done today. And thank goodness because very soon, the Bobolinks will begin to nest. Like Killdeer, they nest on the ground. It seems a very unsafe way to nest but who am I to reprimand a bird? Certainly not one nesting. And so, instead, I refuse to let anything resembling tractors go on the field once the nesting begins. Thus, we have a problem. Or did. The Killdeer have already laid their eggs. I pointed this out to Carl this morning, as the tractor outside roared its awakening, and (I confess) before Carl had finished his cafe latte. 

Carl is forgiving. We found the Killdeer’s nest. We have staked it with a wide swathe border for safety. I’m hoping the Killdeer won’t be scared away.

Silly me! Birds are intrepid souls, especially those who nest on the ground. Likely as not, the Killdeer will dive-bomb the tractor as it passes by.

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