Meditation & Plants

Standing O: Out of bed and breathing.

I dropped the ball yesterday. I’m in the process of trying to figure out this Cooped Up Book Tour and it took up the time. And then there’s the garden planning.



Here is a picture of the area that I want to make into a meditation garden.





But, as you can see, Carl has other plans: a work space. So we are debating and sketching and considering how best to construct or deconstruct that space and all the space we have the good fortune to inhabit.



But isn’t it peaceful?


It only needs a bit of tidying up.



Yesterday was a sad day, too: when one is thankful that it’s not one’s patriotic duty to risk one’s life to vote as it was in Wisconsin.My luffa are going great. Thanks for asking.


My luffa are going great. Thanks for asking.


And our banana.