It Starts Dark For A Reason

Might I note that these times are remarkably in parallel to climate disruption? Dramatic change, and we’re all connected. That good, old web of nature.

Did anyone read the article that I posted this past Tuesday? Did it help you to feel better? I feel immensely better because it recognizes that, in times like these, just getting out of bed is a success.

I’ve been diligently “calendaring”. That means staring at my datebook and trying to control each day but writing down exactly what I’m going to do when  . . . and then looking to see just how much I don’t do what I mean to do when, if at all. And then lifting up my Authentic Self sword against the judgment fairies that descend shrieking You Failure !and Gottcha!

I’m getting better every day at fighting off those fairies. They mean well. But really, now is not the time to judge. Now is the time to slow down. Breathe. Recognize that in these dark times–as mentioned above–just waking up and getting out of bed is a success. How so? Because the old expectations of “success” no longer hold..

Old-fashioned patriarchal expectations–remember them? From three or four weeks ago? Those expectations and demands for more, more, more, bigger is better, rush, rush, rush are over and done. They have to be. Breathe.

I’m adjusting today by doing this: I’m going to do nothing. Yup. Zero, Zip. Except breathe. Everything else will be ice cream. With fudge sauce. Maybe a peanut butter filled pretzel as a cone. And breathe. Because, as with climate disruption, the change has happened. We are in a new world and it is a world in which every one of us is connected by the air that we breathe that may or may not be infected. Breathe. Right this minute, we are safe. And loved. Reach out and call someone. Connect.

I’m hoping that when, not if, we come out on the other end of this . . . OMG!  Maybe we won’t. Maybe our entire species is going to die. Mother Nature’s squashing of the insects that are us.

Ahem. That thinking is in parallel with judgement. It does no good. Just breathe.

Thee and me? Perhaps, maybe, a lot of us will live on and I hope and trust that we are in the process of a shift in attitude. To smaller, more local and more connected. Pretty thought? No. It’s necessary. And do you want to know how I’m going to do my part in that change? Remember my book that’s coming out? And the cross-country book tour Carl and I were going to do in the Tesla? We were going to drive across country in May and I was going to research energy and where the energy we were using to charge the Tesla was coming from–nuclear? Fracked gas? Renewables? And we were going to visit farms that are healing their soils and growing healthy food, and animal sanctuaries that recognize the sentience of all living creatures. And historical sites to do with our democracy and social justice. But we aren’t going to do that now because we’re all cooped up, everyone of us, in our homes. Except for those who aren’t . . ..

But I’m not going there. That’s negative. I’m going positive in all this. At least here, I am. And that’s why the book tour is going to be based here at home. How appropriate because the book is about home. It’s well past time to heal our home: Earth. Let’s get to it.

In the next weeks, I’m going to stay home and free range with our hens, and cobble together a new tour: All Cooped Up: Book Dispatches From the Chicken Coop! 

Fanfare, photos, and videos to come. For now? The sun is up and breaking through the clouds. And, even in these dark times, I am willing to bet that every one of us can look about and name ten wonders in our lives.