The New Normal?

Well! The girls are outside clucking and cackling to announce the laying of their eggs. When not laying, they scratch and dig about, entirely oblivious to the nightmare haunting us humans but not of the ray of sun breaking through the clouds. By day’s end, they resemble five year old kids playing in the dirt, their claws covered with dirt, and their beaks, too. We read an article tonight that the new rage–after toilet paper–is chicks. New Yorkers are buying them by the hundreds for food security. Really? Chicks take 4-5 months to get to laying age. And if you want to eat them . . . well, I wouldn’t know because that’s not why I have chickens. I’m in for the happy eggs and the personalities. The very idea of a bunch of New Yorkers adopting chicks put me in a bad mood. So that happened today.

What else? The grand promenade of our huge resident turkeys has begun and the bluebirds and blue jays have returned. I think I heard the killdeer. And five deer were grazing in the field of fog this morning. Spike, last year’s adolescent porcupine, was hanging out poolside when Carl and I got back from a walk.

For obvious reasons (I hope) the road trip Carl and I had planned, has been put off. My mother is here with us and we are practicing social distancing. Except with the chickens. When I go out to the coop, I hang out with the girls and, if they let me, I pet them. And they let me because I am the bearer of mealy worms. Maybe that’s why New Yorkers are buying into this chicken world: for the company. I look forward to seeing Washington Square Park when all those chickens are set free. That puts me in a good mood. Except it will be all roosters which could make for a very interesting day in the park.

Here’s an article that I’ve only half read but is a good perspective on our current situation. It is a situation and it is getting a bit too interesting because too many of us aren’t taking it seriously.  Sad.

Can you tell I am at a loss for words? I’m trying to focus on my play. Maybe the children’s story. And most certainly the adaptation of that road trip to the current situation. Details next time.

Now go wash your hands. Please.

A Great Horned owl is hooting outside. How cool is that?