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We have Killdeer here. They remind me of the ocean with their calls, and of my childhood home in Michigan as I have an ever-so-vague memory of Dad telling me, […]

No Excuses. A picture or two.

I’m busy trying to figure out the (dare I say?) logic of injecting disinfectant into our mortal bodies. Meantime, our hens have been busy producing perfect eggs. Can you guess […]

Fabulous Ideas Defeated By Reality

For the record, writing a play is different from writing a book–fiction or non-fiction. And writing a script for a video is even more different. And then making the video, […]

Meditation & Plants

Standing O: Out of bed and breathing. I dropped the ball yesterday. I’m in the process of trying to figure out this Cooped Up Book Tour and it took up […]

It Starts Dark For A Reason

Might I note that these times are remarkably in parallel to climate disruption? Dramatic change, and we’re all connected. That good, old web of nature. Did anyone read the article […]

The New Normal?

Well! The girls are outside clucking and cackling to announce the laying of their eggs. When not laying, they scratch and dig about, entirely oblivious to the nightmare haunting us […]