Making Lemonade

Yes, it’s time to practice making sweet out of sour and finding positive in the negative.

My mother is visiting us at Darwin’s View. We brought her up about two weeks ago and our usual routine is as chaotic as ever. And I give her a kiss on the cheek every time I walk by.

My book’s publishing date has been pushed back to June 2. Publicity is on hold until March 30th at which point head’s up! Carl and I won’t be driving across the country any time soon but think of the options on-line and, eventually, locally . . ..

I spent the day updating, as best I am able, my website. And will soon be doing the same with FaceBook–I have a business and a personal and good luck to me trying to figure out which is which and how to get people to “like” my business page; Instagram–toryqm; and Twitter–@torymccagg.

Did I mention that it’s possible to pre-order my book?!

Crossroads With Chickens

That’s all for now folks!