From My Cousins

This from my cousin. PLEASE stay home and safe.

This tired midwife just coming off night call in the hospital. Online meeting this morning w stressed coworkers, trying to figure out how to attend to patients w drastically reduced face to face visits. Here’s what you can do to protect your friends in healthcare: STAY THE F*** HOME!!! And while you’re there, EDUCATE YOURSELF. We don’t want to see any of our peeps hospitalized, nor ourselves, nor any other precious fellow humans. Thank you

From another cousin:

The concept that has not penetrated some people’s thinking (“Oh, I feel fine, I’ll just stop at the store,” is that its not you getting sick that we are worried about, (no offense) its the overwhelmed health care system when so many people get sick so fast: no beds, no caretakers, to ventilators. That is the issue. One Oregon County has 2 weeks of face masks left. Slowww the spread. Stay home. Make bread. Darn socks!

And order books on line! At your local bookstores! For instance, my book At Crossroads with Chickens! 😉

How’s that for self-serving? Along the lines of telling everyone this coronavirus is nothing. NO worries–while selling off all your stocks.

Maybe it’s not quite the same.