Dealing with the Situation

How are people who work “the Gig” economy going to survive this situation? And then the people who work for businesses who don’t fall under the government bill being worked on, that may or may not pass through the Senate. No money coming in means they can’t buy groceries or cleaning products. What’s to be done to help them?

I’m on Facebook again. Not my favorite place to be. I fall fast, far and deep into that time suck. Today being an excellent example.

But this was what I posted there and lots of reactions and feedbacks and suggestions. And so onward!

Last night, Carl and I ordered out dinner from Pearl restaurant. They are only doing take-out. I’m thinking of buying a few gift certificates and wondering what their wonderful waitstaff is going to do without tip income.

I also emailed Dust to Shine, the cleaning gals who come here once a week for a spit and clean hour. I asked them to not come for the time being because I can’t risk my mother getting sick. I also wrote them a check for the month’s pay because I can and care. I know it’s not enough.

Today, I am going to make my yearly donations, not least to all the local food banks and community support groups I can think of. I am also going to buy a subscription to the Peterborough Players because there’s a lot not going on and a lot of money not going in to pay for cost of living which doesn’t go away even if there is a pandemic.

Too many are skimming the edge of getting by already. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to keep things going when things aren’t going as they usually do?

It’s a beautiful day here to fit the mood: gray and snow showers . . . nope, make that rain. I hope to plant some seeds today, too.