Running on Top of the 8-ball

I am really behind on publicity homework. I have to get my social media up and running for my book that is lined up to be published May 8. And then there’s my mail chimp which left me in the dust when it refused to mail my fall and winter newsletters and here we are with summer weather in March. And so I am taking a hiatus from this blog for what I hope will only be a week or two. Until then, here is this to contemplate:

Carl has been king of the kings and chiefs and administrators of the Clean Plate Club since well before I met him. And lately, to my grand irritation, after I have cleaned off my plate into the compost bin, Carl has been taking the lettuce leaf, or grain of rice that I happened to leave on my plate ad removing it into the bin. Compulsive? Over the top? Well! Last night at dinner, we got out our iPhones and began to compute. Think about this: There are about 2500-3000 grains of rice in a cup of rice. And there are 330,000,000 people in the United States. If all 330,000,000 people took that last grain of rice sitting on their plate and put it into a pile, there would be 80,000 cups of rice. Ba-da-bing! Carl’s right again!

Food for thought. Food for people. Waste not, want not. Compost your food waste!

And order up my book!