Bad News, Good News, Wind

I learned a hard lesson last week. The cockerels are silent. Gone.

I will be one of the story tellers at a Monadnock Conservancy event in Keene, NH March 26th. “Stories About This Place”. It could be very fun, or one of those horrifyingly mortifying experiences that one cringes to look back upon. I’m hoping for the former.

The wind buffets the house, knocking to get in. Mother Nature. Politics. Viruses. I looked at Nicky this morning and wished I could purr. It sounds so soothing, the rumble massaging the nerves, calming them. And if only I could gather everything and everyone I worry about and love, hold them in my heart and keep them safe, heal them, calm them. Instead, like the wind, I breathe and get up to wash my hands again.

The girls out and about on a beautiful May Day–except it is March 3. Carl is there, too, making sure a bobcat doesn’t come for lunch.

Carl and Nick tidying and spring prepping the greenhouse. Carl is like a heat-seeking bomb in his search for scale on our Avocado tree and little green bugs on everything else. May I just say, here and now, that our Ladybugs are entirely uninterested in eating what is rumored to be their favorite food source: little green bugs.