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Thank You!

I just watched this video. One can find gratitude in the most contradictory places but this rings entirely true. I hope you’ll take the time to watch it. I hope […]

Making Lemonade

Yes, it’s time to practice making sweet out of sour and finding positive in the negative. My mother is visiting us at Darwin’s View. We brought her up about two […]

From My Cousins

This from my cousin. PLEASE stay home and safe. This tired midwife just coming off night call in the hospital. Online meeting this morning w stressed coworkers, trying to figure […]

Dealing with the Situation

How are people who work “the Gig” economy going to survive this situation? And then the people who work for businesses who don’t fall under the government bill being worked on, that […]


Rain, rain, Coronavirus. Cancelations. Likely pushing back date of my book. And: Nicky has a new bedroom. Here’s my play! On the floor. Pages of notes in order of story–past […]

Running on Top of the 8-ball

I am really behind on publicity homework. I have to get my social media up and running for my book that is lined up to be published May 8. And […]

Bad News, Good News, Wind

I learned a hard lesson last week. The cockerels are silent. Gone. I will be one of the story tellers at a Monadnock Conservancy event in Keene, NH March 26th. […]