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Best Laid Plans

Once again, I thought I had my act together and boom! Feathers fly. I found a happy home for the three boys. Here they are just before I began to […]


I was traveling last Friday and entirely forgot to post. And then, reentry mode. So I’ll post today three days late and a day early. Carl and I have begun […]

A Visitor

 Yup, s/he’s hungry. . .. Beautiful cat.

Wildlife and Chicken Updates

Well! If his/her visits keep up, I’m going to have to name that bobcat and adopt him/her our own. S/he’s probably really hungry and cold and dreams of a nice chewy […]

Questioning Reality

Bobcat tracks on the driveway, circling the chicken area. Bracing, having lost four chickens to said bobcat. And without our clumsy, yet charming rooster Schtude as muse, how am I […]


Yup, the bobcat came for a walkabout yesterday–tracks go aaaaaalll around the fenced in garden area. Bracing. Fortunately, the remaining 16 chickens were in their coop/run and are present and accounted […]

The Best Laid Plans or Obituaries

This past Saturday, that followed a dark day on Friday: Guests from out of town and the stars and sun were aligned for a walk. Yahoo! But first, we had […]