Politic Politics

For those who are as obsessed as I currently am by the politics of the day, it’s a bracing time, isn’t it? Choices, choices and the system is based on money, not We the People. What are we to do? Whom do we trust? Sometimes, it feels as if the only positive news is that we might all be dead of a pandemic or nuclear radiation by the time Election Day rolls around. Woe is us. What games will be played and lies told between now and then? It begs the question why bother to publish a book when hell is being unleashed and encouraged by Believers who have deluded themselves into thinking God’s going to save them. They who have created their very own hell on earth, aggressively destroying the gifts of nature, thereby spitting in their god’s eyes. A most angry god.

Politics and religion. We aren’t supposed to talk about them at the dinner table. Given how volatile politics are these days, I probably shouldn’t be writing about them here. Meantime, religion is shoving itself smack into the middle of the public square even though it was for the safety and free conscience of religion that the founders requested it to be kept out of the public square. But I’m not the one rewriting history.

The point I’m trying to make? Everything is political. Each and every one of our daily choices are political because everything is connected. Choosing to have a cafe latte–as I do without fail every morning–is a political choice because coffee, even if it’s shade grown and creating habitat for happy birds, is grown very far away. It might be plucked by Fair Trade farmers but it is shipped using fossil fuels. And the milk I froth might be from a biodynamic farm and, thus, the cows are happier and better treated than those doomed to a life in a factory farm but there’s a movement now called a whole food/plant-based diet that even leaves vegans guilty of unhealthy eating. There seems to be nothing in life anymore that is pure and innocent. Not even a glass of water.

I watched two TED talks yesterday on water. Water as a human right. Water as a limited resource and social justice issue. Water as life. I’ve pasted the links below. If you didn’t already know, every drop of water is as precious as those singular sperm in the Monty Python movie The Meaning of Life. If we raise our heads up out of our comfortable, convenient lives, we will note, as these two women do, that for too many clean water is not a choice. Water is a commodity and it’s not people’s health that matter but the possible profits and costs of that water. Thus Flint opted to provide its citizens with contaminated water, a choice that has yet to be fixed.

Yes, in our culture we can buy anything if we have the money. Water. Coffee. Politicians. But not Bernie Sanders! Not Elizabeth Warren! Not Tulsi Gabbard!

Nor Kamala Harris nor Cory Booker because the system is set up against some people. We have to vote with our fears, not our hopes.

Is that true? Well! I am pretty sure that, for the primary, I’m going to vote with hope, compassion and love. I actually have options this time around. The question is, will the media and the DNC destroy the last vestiges of democracy, or will they let We the People determine our future?

The sun is out. The 5 roosters are crowing. It is very cold out. And I’m going to start practicing calligraphy because, if I get it down, which I intend to, I will be able to illustrate my yet-to-be written children’s book.