Blood on the roost and Links

I’m fighting off a cold. And have five roosters to rehome because Elmer and Diablo (renamed from Fonz) are fighting and, though I see no blood on any of the chickens, yet the blood on the roost is unmistakable. It’s time. I have one home for one of the five. Any takers?

I would draw the lines from our experiences here at Darwin’s View to the world at large but have a feeling I’d be told I’m being negative and worse, bringing politics into the mix. But isn’t it just a way of looking at reality? Don’t times like these require us to face reality? To paraphrase Paul Gilding these are no longer  times of “want to do” but times of “have to do”. Never mind the fact that everything we do is political. How we eat. How we travel. As I have said before, our choices matter.

I hope you will take the time to listen to this ten minute interview of Marianne Williamson.

AND to her take on the Iran situation.