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I just got a poll asking if I think Hillary Clinton should run for president. I knew it was coming. I knew that the powers that be still think they […]


Below is the link to a New York Times article that I found interesting by Ezra Klein. “Why the Democrats Still have to Appeal to the Center, But Republicans Don’t.” […]

Politic Politics

For those who are as obsessed as I currently am by the politics of the day, it’s a bracing time, isn’t it? Choices, choices and the system is based on […]


I think it might be time to hit a reset with these blog posts (again). On one hand, the twice weekly posts are a good habit to maintain. On the […]

Crowing Cockerels

Ooooooh, they are getting so old. And cocky. And aggressive. But they are beautiful. Might have found a home for them. Time will tell. 

Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road?

Along with the mystery of life, and on the tail end of the question about chickens and road crossing I must ask what happened to this week? I only just […]

Blood on the roost and Links

I’m fighting off a cold. And have five roosters to rehome because Elmer and Diablo (renamed from Fonz) are fighting and, though I see no blood on any of the […]

Roosters and Climate Change

I’m trying to process it. And note how parallel my own blithe actions and their consequences are to human actions in this world. It burns and our governments do little […]