Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay. Here’s a question: How long will it be before for the nightmare in the White House takes Mr. Ghosn under his wing? 

That was my first thought when I read that the former Nissan boss fled Japan for Lebanon claiming he was escaping “injustice and political persecution”.⁠1  It sounded so much like Orange Julius and when will truth and justice reign?

I’m busy contemplating the New Year and what I hope for in it: health, safety, building connections. That includes deepening my family and friendship connections; publishing and promoting At Crossroads with Chickens (which includes a “Hindsight 2020” cross-country road trip, oh my!) and working on (getting onto stage!?) my play Triage as well as the idea of a children’s book that I’ve been percolating; learning more about things Darwin’s View, from gardening and growing food and soil to animal care-taking—which includes paying constant and unending attention to Nicky; and building community through the Jaffrey Climate Initiative and supporting progressive candidates. And getting back to my flute. Is that enough? I could go on. 

We are in a fog bank. What would have been snow a decade ago was ice and some snow. Weather these days makes me sad. What might have been . . ..

And what will be if we work for it. Which is the route I’m taking. Action. No more handwringing about the handwriting on the wall. We are, indeed, at a crossroads. It’s now or never. So I’m going to follow my hopes, which are way funner and more invigorating than my fears. I’m going to dream a better world, one in which evil and hate get their just desserts, and compassion, truth and education, and social justice replace them; a world in which all animals (including humans) live in safe and healthy environments, and one in which all humans have the opportunity to be part of the healing of our one and only home, Earth. May this be the decade our species recognizes our love and connection to her.

Here’s to a Happy New Year.


1 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/30/business/carlos-ghosn-left-japan.html?te=1&nl=morning-briefing&emc=edit_NN_p_20191231&section=topNews?campaign_id=9&instance_id=14870&segment_id=19955&user_id=e88ac58ff94900e67942e43bc78d736c&regi_id=78929239tion=topNews