Marianne Williamson and Brain De-Clutter Time

Politics and handwringing! The holidays and travel! Writing a play! Publishing to dos! Worrying about the chickens and Nick! As ever, distraction rules. I practice meditation. It is a rare moment that my mind is calm but, during the time I sit, I give my self space to let the ideas fall in a pile. 

Regarding politics, Carl and I went to see Marianne Williamson speak a couple of nights ago. I believe she represents and provides the path for the change we need. It’s worth your time to check her out either by googling her or going to her website:

Or check out this interview. She starts at 35 seconds. I’m not sure people are ready to hear her message but it’s a message we need to enact.  I’m going with hope and a belief in positive change this primary season.

To give myself room to breathe and think, for the next week or three, I will be posting pictures. They are, after all, worth a thousand words. 

Happy Holidays!