All the snow is gone, replaced by torrents of rain and slush. I spent the morning working on my play. Most satisfactory but now it’s noon and the rest of life calls. Not least, Splotches and her four adolescents. They keep shoving under the fence, freeing themselves to walk about where any bobcat or hawk could grab them.

Meantime, our refrigerator did it’s shake, rattle and roll dance this morning, raising the question of whether to buy a new one–thereby perpetuating the system of buy, buy, buy–or keep-this-baby-going-to-its-dying-breath even if it does use way more electricity than it is supposed to. And our generator didn’t turn on today so the default beepbeepbeep went off when Carl turned on the espresso machine.

And Exxon won against New York State.

I begin to think there is no accountability in this country. And maybe I’ll move into the Fox News world. Then it doesn’t matter how we treat each other. Hate, fear, lying and sneering rule. There is no climate change. Rain and 50s in December is perfectly normal. And I wonder if it is time to cut back my posts to once a week . . . . They get repetitive at times. I need new information. And for the sun to come out. Even impeachment seems pointless when I read how it is interpreted by Hannity, McConnell, and the nightmare in the White House.

Fortunately, I have the chickens to go visit. Elmer and Fonzie are doing just fine.

And here is an article for your reading pleasure.

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