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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Okay. Here’s a question: How long will it be before for the nightmare in the White House takes Mr. Ghosn under his wing?  That was my first thought when I […]

Blow Out Sales!?

Don’t get me started on the absurdity and warp-ed-ness of the holidays. . .. I woke up the day after Christmas and nudged Carl. “Guess what!?” He grunted. “It’s blow […]

Marianne Williamson and Brain De-Clutter Time

Politics and handwringing! The holidays and travel! Writing a play! Publishing to dos! Worrying about the chickens and Nick! As ever, distraction rules. I practice meditation. It is a rare […]

Another Snow Day!

Well! Have you noticed the sun factor these days? Rain, rain and now snow. I have a rough draft of a post but no time to write it. How can […]

Two Articles & Chick Picts

Speaking of grief, here’s one by Michelle Goldberg. About fits my mood, thus, again, none of my own words: From The New York Times: Democracy Grief Is Real Seeing what […]


All the snow is gone, replaced by torrents of rain and slush. I spent the morning working on my play. Most satisfactory but now it’s noon and the rest of […]

Perception, Veganism and Datebooks

A pescavore from age 16, I gave up fish in 2013⁠1 and have since been an octo-lacto vegetarian. . . . Not really. I eat oysters on occasion. Ironic as […]


You guessed it: a day for pictures.   Do you see the problem with this picture? Carl saw it right away: the bubbler, meant to keep the water circulating and […]