Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and . . .

We head out today for Friendsgiving in Providence, and Thanksgiving in New York City, leaving house sitters to tend to the chickens, cat and house. We just got a call our dentist saying they can fit us in today at 12, thereby moving our departure time up from 11 to 10. No, to 9:30 because we have to charge the Tesla in Leominster. What better time to decide to winterize the chicken coop?

This morning I woke up, had my latte and muffin, watched the deep pinks turn to yellows and foggy blue. The sun burst out while I was doing day 21 of Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation. And somehow I ended up on my iPhone (from which comes Deepak’s voice and the fluid music that backs up the meditation) at a chicken site that described the deep litter method and what the writer uses to cover her run.

I had noticed yesterday how damp our run is. And the dirt in it has been eroded away if by nothing else than our dear rat who is still (thank goodness) solitary. And so this morning I am going to pack to leave for five days–not six as apparently a snow storm approaches on Sunday and I intend not to drive in the first storm of the season. And however much he pleads, I won’t let Carl either—and clean the chicken coop, the walls of which is disgusting. And wheelbarrow into it three loads of wood chips. And empty the back of the truck of the leaves Carl received from Jeff and Edie. Maybe before all that I will empty the coop of its hay and replace it with pine shavings. Then put the hay back. (Very cozy hens we will have for the storm. If it comes.) And before that–or maybe I will do this on the drive to Providence–I will order some industrial hemp fibers. Which wick more moisture and don’t have as much dust as pine shavings. The drawback? The bales are wrapped with plastic and have you noticed lately how everything is wrapped in plastic?

There is no perfect. But someday our coop will be. Three roos running about. The four chicks still not revealing their sex but I imagine too well the ratio.

All this to say, I don’t have time to write much here but I do have time to say be glad you’re not a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!