Not In My Words

How Not to Kill an Animal

I had a vague idea for a post but then, in my distraction to avoid actually writing it, read this article. It strikes at one of my daily heartaches.

To know something is happening and yet doing nothing tangible is one of the conveniences of our society and culture. Rather like Germany in the 1930s. So instead of writing a post today, I’m leaving it to Margaret Renki. Choose to read the article or not. The comments add to the conversation.

This has to do with climate change. In both cases, we can choose to act to change, or not. To change is uncomfortable but it is, and will be, far more uncomfortable for more animals (humans included) not to. The choice is ours.

Technical difficulties. If the link doesn’t work: I am referring to an opinion article in The New York Times today, November 19, 2019: How Not to Kill an Animal by Margaret Renkl.