Food for Thought Video/s

November? How did that happen? Time ticks. Life. 

Carl and I watched this the other day: Zach Bush’s Keynote speech at the Rodale Organic Pioneer Awards.  If you want to skip his bio and just hear him, he starts at 4 minutes 5 seconds.

If you want to listen to shorter clip of him, there’s this link. 10 minutes.

Do these videos get you to ask yourself, Why am I here? Does the spiritual aspect attract you, or raise the cynic in you? I find it appealing. It is kind of the direction I  have been going since I moved to New Hampshire. Which begs the question, is imagining our selves as part of a bigger picture, that there is an energy beyond us that we are all a part of, just a way of making us feel better about this very confusing thing we call life?

It is really quite blowy up here. But the sun is out, and our lead acid batteries are making way for salt water batteries. Can’t get much better than that.