A Book & More Picts

Isn’t it interesting how a book falls into your lap at just the right time? I bought Howard Mansfield’s book The Habit of Turning the World Upside Down over a year ago but only sat down to read it this past weekend. The book addresses, in part, the American attitude toward land: how to grab it, own it, keep it. Whenever I read about the history of the United States, I get very sad and disgusted. And full of eureka! Because our history explains why we are the way we are. And what I loved most about this book is that in a beautiful end chapter he describes what I believe: we have to change our attitude towards property, life, each other and the world. And that requires acceptance of change. Letting go.

The book is well worth the time.

I’m back from NYC. Still no clue what to write here so will leave you with pictures of Darwin’s View today.


The hens are disheveled, in the midst of their molt.

Our Tiny House Chicken Condo Complex:

Our luffa!! The question is, are they ripe enough to pick or will they shrivel with the cold?


Schtude looking rather fierce. Maybe he heard that a bobcat has eaten two of our neighbors’ chickens, one of which was their unpleasant rooster. Fair warning?