64.4F/18C. That’s the temperature of our swimming pond yesterday morning. I swam one breathless lap and leapt out, having learned two things: Hands down, that is the most refreshing, bracing, glorious way to start a day. And 64.4/18C is as low a temperature as I can tolerate. This morning, the temperature had risen to a burning 65F/18.2C. One lap and my body is still chilled. I draw this conclusion: the already limited swims I took this summer are coming to an end. It is time to recalibrate.

Just so my “energy” article posts. I’ve been lallygagging. Rather, I’ve been working on a play and I can try to fool myself. I can pretend multitasking is possible. After all, we all do it. But, for myself,  when working on two (three, four) projects at the same time, one (two, three) inevitably fall/s by the wayside. Blogging, however “lite” the posts might be, takes up the time that would otherwise be devoted to playwriting. And preparing At Crossroads with Chickens for publication. And harvesting the cornucopia of produce from our garden.

The other issue is that, although I had/have a general idea of the direction of the energy posts, yet I haven’t outlined or roughed them out and so I have bobbed in the eddies, unfocussed, undirected.

My goal for the next weeks: to outline and rough out and tweak and post a few more energy articles. There’s only about six or seven more to write up. And so I toss down a gauntlet for myself to pick up. Fridays will return to energy articles.

SEPTEMBER 20th is Climate Strike Day. Please join others at a rally near you.