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Is it Inevitable?

No, I’m not talking about impeachment, though that’s in the works. I’m thinking about the demise of the earth. It’s a depressing question, is it inevitable? but one worth asking […]

Splotches Part Two

The good news is that Splotches showed up again. I went out to meet and greet the chickens the other morning and noted that sweet hen out near the green […]

Electric Vehicles

We participated in an Electric Vehicle (EV) event in Keene this past Saturday. I felt like a Trekkie at a Star Trek gathering. Volts and Bolts, Teslas , Priuses, and […]


I’m a little heartbroken. Well. A lot heartbroken but that’s another story. This part of my heart concerns Splotches, one of our three Speckled Sussex hens. She was hatched in […]


64.4F/18C. That’s the temperature of our swimming pond yesterday morning. I swam one breathless lap and leapt out, having learned two things: Hands down, that is the most refreshing, bracing, […]

Yesterday . . .

. . . we discovered two excellent recipes that one, use cucumbers and two, use tomatoes. If that’s not a find, I don’t know what is. Smashed ginger and garlic […]

Climate versus Weather

People get confused about the difference between climate and weather. Let’s contemplate it, shall we? Today, I look out at the weather. It is perfect: blue skies. A light breeze. […]