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A New Phase?

I am entirely aware that I have lurched off the “energy” articles. I contemplate the hydrologic cycle and where it might take us . . . but hasn’t it been […]

What We Are Doing Here

My issue? I am entirely unconvinced that I moved up here to farm. Live off grid? Yes. Grow some degree of food? Yes. Eat happy eggs, thus become a crazy […]

The Oxford English Dictionary and Words

I thought the OED never threw out words. That way we can always go back and reference them somehow.  I am correct in that.⁠1 However, that doesn’t mean you’ll find […]

In Brief

I told Carl that I cannot get attached to the chicks. They are most likely boys. Sure, sure. We can return them from whence they came . . .  which […]

Where to Direct One’s Energy

I woke up and thought of guns. Ever on the look out for self-judgment and negativity, I consciously shifted my thoughts to baby bunnies, kittens and puppies, ducklings and, need […]

Plastic Straws anyone?

I thought I’d share this posting on plastic straws. It kind of shows how we can make a difference. Or maybe not? Choices. It’s all about choices. And convenience. And […]

Welcome to the Peeps!

We have a very happy hen on our hands.  Two days ago, we returned to Darwin’s View from my annual family reunion, and I moved the broody hen, hissing and […]

Broody Hens versus Me

I gave the impression in my last post that we’d be adopting chicks because chicks are in our future. Conveniently enough, the Cheshire County Fair happened last weekend. In anticipation […]

It Must Be Summer. . ..

It’s Friday and I haven’t had time to write, never mind research, the next official energy post. I have had time to rough out a post that updates the chick situation. To […]