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If there is one thing I hate to do, it is to write a book review. That requires taking the general ideas and feelings that a book evokes in me and clarifying them. That necessitates slowing down and taking the time to figure out exactly what the ideas and feelings are, and articulating them. All of which is known as thinking.

Let me be clear: this ADHD mind hates to slow down. It’s so confining. What’s the point of a book report, anyway? Book reports are just words about words. Book reports suck.

In short, writing book reviews sets off a flurry of panic and existential angst. Overall, unpleasant.

Thus, I must keep in mind my intention: why am I writing about the books I read? To be a resource to others who are curious about the same topics I am curious about. My bookshelves have evolved since we moved to Darwin’s View. From fiction and history to climate change, nature’s chaos and cultivation, soil health and how we are to survive these dynamic times. We can learn from others. I want to learn. To remember. To write and share. Which means, for better or worse, I will write book reviews. Well, my definition of a book review.