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Road Trip?

Is this just another crazy idea for a road trip? It uses the same logic (sic) that Carl and I used for our last cross-country trip: a book and a […]

A Question for the Day

We are back home at Darwin’s View, and I am looking out at a fog bank. The weather outside is frightful and it’s raining, not snowing. An excellent excuse to […]

What I’m Contemplating

As feared, the book titled The End of Animal Farming by Jacy Reese has me teetering toward veganism. Even as I settled into the train yesterday, and began to peruse […]

Food for Thought Video/s

November? How did that happen? Time ticks. Life.  Carl and I watched this the other day: Zach Bush’s Keynote speech at the Rodale Organic Pioneer Awards.  If you want to […]