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History and the Dawning

I started a post but it was bleak. Instead of working that out, I am off to pack for NYC. But this picture describes what I was attempting to say […]

NH Saves Event

The link below is to the flyer for the NHSaves event this Thursday in Jaffrey. I’m going to post more of them around today. And am left with that uncomfortable […]

This is the How the Future Will Happen

Have you heard about what’s going on in California? Pacific Gas & Electric, in their  infinite wisdom–or greed, depending on one’s perspective–deemed it important to cut off millions of people […]

Just Pictures

Working on a deadline and so just pictures today! This morning at Darwin’s View: The Generations yesterday: Collette & the others at their toilette:   The Adolescents.   And the […]

Renewables & Nora

Birth, then death, then rebirth. Is that how it goes? I find the dying process is a step-by-step spiral. We, sometimes, don’t take note of it until in retrospect and […]


Paws. Our marmalade Buddha. Nora. And the chicks become adolescents with hairdos.