The Monadnock Conservancy

The Monadnock Conservancy, a land trust organization for southwestern New Hampshire, does what Carl and I strive to do at Darwin’s View. It conserves and stewards the natural resources of the Monadnock region; educates the public on the importance of conserving land, not least agricultural properties and the concomitant way of life; connects people to nature, thereby strengthening both the community and the land; and sustains a deep love and passion for our environment.

In 2006-2007, when we bought the land that is Darwin’s View, we put most of it—180 acres—into a conservation easement with the Monadnock Conservancy. We held back fifteen acres on top of the hill to allow time and space for us to determine where we would site the house, and what, exactly, we planned to do there. The easement preserves the land in perpetuity, while allowing for all things agricultural. Because we had no intention of developing the land, their restrictions are no hardship. On the contrary, at times, when we have been planning to maintain shrub land and fields for wildlife habitat, or wanted to implement one of our ideas, they have been a great resource for information, and provided us with structure so that we don’t overstep the boundaries we want to support.

Please check out their website and consider supporting their cause. And drop me a line if you have any questions!