Corporate Accountability

What is Corporate Accountability and why do we support it? You may or may not know this but I declared war against climate change in February of 2013. That soon became a two-front war against demo-n-capitalism, that nasty joining of our democracy with capitalism that has resulted in both being warped beyond recognition. Clearly, to save the world, we had to save our democracy first. Thus, Carl and I marched with to get money out of politics. But years have gone by and, as you may have noted, war is not the answer and the world is on a downward trend.

Enter Corporate Accountability. For decades they have been fighting corporate power, waging strategic campaigns that compel transnational corporations and the governments that do their bidding to stop destroying human rights, democracy, and the planet. Some of their many victories include launching the successful Nestlé boycott, moving General Electric out of the nuclear weapons business, and compelling R. J. Reynolds to retire Joe Camel. And now they have set their sites on the UN talks to combat climate change. Their strategy and hope? To get the fossil fuel industry out of those negotiations, to which end they have already achieved notable progress.

Carl and I believe that, though individuals can absolutely have an effect, yet we must all work together to fight the Too Big to Fail corporations. Corporate Accountability gives us the chance, not just to change the world but to save it.

Please check out their website and consider supporting their cause. And drop me a line if you have any questions!